NTS all engines go



credit: Hoskins Architects

We were delighted to be invited down to the digs of one of our favourite collaborators—National Theatre of Scotland—and not just for the canapé, stiff gin pours and BrewDog beers (although that didn’t hurt). The building itself, beautifully designed by Hoskins Architects, embodies the NTS brand of being a ‘Theatre Without Walls’ and it was a real thrill to see this new engine of Scottish theatre at work.


credit: Hoskins Architects


We started in the bar, er, playroom, for some banter, and quickly moved on to explore the building.

The new NTS rehearsal room is one of the biggest in Scotland, and inspires cartwheels and bellowing vocals upon entry.


credit: Hoskins Architects


It was all eyes on the stunning costume department, which no longer operates from a small room and a parking lot.

IMG_8667 IMG_8672

It was particularly exciting to get the low-down on how technicians set the mood and ‘paint’ with light.


The props department was much more exciting than this, but leave it to a graphic designer to only take a photo of old oven dials.


O Street was reunited with a leftover from our NTS collaboration Granite—always nice to see an old friend.

All told, NTS Rockvilla is a stunning display of creativity and production. Get down and see for yourself.