A curated web design

“Collaborating with O Street on re-launching Panel’s website was great. A simple but elegant layout and typeface is balanced by a strong emphasis on visual content, which allows its portfolio nature to be foregrounded. O Street sensitively understood our requirements and expectations and worked with integrity across all aspects of the project.”

– Panel

Glasgow-based curators Panel asked O Street to design them a new website reflective of their practice.

ostreet-panel-web-01ostreet-panel-web-02  ostreet-panel-web-05ostreet-panel-web-04   ostreet-panel-web-07 ostreet-panel-web-08 ostreet-panel-web-09 ostreet-panel-web-06ostreet-panel-web-10 ostreet-panel-web-15ostreet-panel-web-11ostreet-panel-web-12

Our goal was to simplify something complex. We utilised whitespace, fluid grids and clear  typography (Galano Grotesque) to give Panel’s amazing catalogue of work room to breathe.

Panel_IOT_F (1)

The result is a functional website in harmony with Panel’s exhibition architecture.