Scottish National Portrait Gallery

One voice, many faces

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery enlisted O Street to design a new visual identity, and launch campaign, to coincide with the major refurbishment of its landmark building in Edinburgh’s city centre.


Focusing on the word ‘Portrait’ the mark can change its character to reflect the wide range of both the art and historical personalities that the collection presents.

It will constantly evolve to stay relevant to the exploration into Scotland’s history, and national identity.

ostreet-portrait-gallery-23 ostreet-portrait-gallery-21 ostreet-portrait-gallery-6ostreet-portrait-gallery-7 ostreet-portrait-gallery-4 ostreet-portrait-gallery-1 ostreet-portrait-gallery-2  ostreet-portrait-gallery-5  ostreet-portrait-gallery-10 ostreet-portrait-gallery-14 ostreet-portrait-gallery-16  ostreet-portrait-gallery-22

Following the very successful launch campaign (across TV, radio, press and outdoor media ), the gallery  exceeded it’s target visitor numbers by over 150%.