ost#1 (o street tracks)


We love a good tune here at O Street, nodding heads strumming the keyboards go hand in hand. We thought we’d share some of our favourites with a regular Friday Playlist.

This Friday’s O-side has a story theme going on, the B-side has some choice Friday tunes, enjoy.


Medley: Ode To Joy / Goliath Goliath – Pete Seeger

A Boy Named Sue – Live At San Quentin

Shoppin’ for Clothes – The Coasters

The Copper Top – Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells

The Gift – The Velvet Underground

Is That All There Is? – Peggy Lee

In the Ghetto – Elvis Presley

Hurricane – Bob Dylan

My Perfect Cousin – The Undertones

Children’s Story – Slick Rick

ost#1 o-side – Spotify link


Stick it on and play it loud.

ost#1 b-side – Spotify link


Last.fm Mix Tape


Last.fm celebrated 10 years of scrobbling in December 2012. O Street were employed to develop a piece of print to celebrate this exciting milestone.

We developed a concept based on the familiar and much loved cassette format. A concertina booklet charting trends over the last 10 years was placed in a plastic cassette case and sent out to Last.fm’s most dedicated followers.

The initiative was hugely successful and no doubt prompted many people to dig out those cherished compilation tapes from their youth. Although Neil-O has been banned from playing his early 80’s boyband mix tape in the studio.