ms erica, do you have a soul?


Where is Ms Ericas soul

Q: ‘Erica-san ni wa kokoro wa arun desu ka?’

A: ‘Ee?’


Q: ‘Ms Erica, do you have a soul?’

A: ‘What?’

Cryptic, yes, but Erica is a humanoid robot who looks and sounds a like a real person. ‘She’ has been created at Tokyo’s Miraikan—the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation—where she’s currently meeting the world’s press. However, it transpires from the ensuing questioning that Erica’s programmers haven’t yet included what it means to be human, which is probably just as well. Give them time, though, and maybe when they’ve cracked it a soul won’t be necessary…



himalayan road guidance poetry


Also when stone cold sober, don’t drive like a dober.

HIMANK is a road safety project in India’s northerly Ladakh region and a great name for an organisation. Pathetically for me, I suppose this because it rhymes with something rude. This is poetry in motion.



I can see this working on that really crappy bit of the M25 at Cockfosters where all the boy racers come off.



Still, these words are there to save lives and that is surely writing at it’s most profound.



solid gone


One of those little moments when you chance upon something astonishing and it stops you in your tracks. It wasn’t the rock, just a photograph of it.

Smith Journal ( is always a welcome arrival with its rich and eclectic mix of whatever takes them. So no surprise thats where this image was. Or that it brought on a hushed ‘wow’.

The rock lives in Tayma, a long settled oasis town in northwestern Saudi Arabia ( Archaeologists believe the almost perfect vertical fracture to be a natural phenomenon but are not altogether certain how it came about.

The opinion in the studio here is split too. The quasi-magical majesty of Nature versus some sort of James Cameron-esque-alien-death-ray-from-space. Either way, rock on!


sometimes a square doesn’t cut it


At O Street boardroom level, it has been a matter of recent discussion that our blogging operations in the northwest have suffered a marked drop in productivity. Although this is worrying to some of our older team members—who still pine for the days of Letraset and printed press releases—output in other media environments makes up for the shortfall. Or does it?

Take Instagram, a smashing wee thing isn’t it. All your cool snaps in fuzzy retro square format. Easy. Great. So after I’d spent three or four botched attempts to compose this shot with top and sides the same length, I finally gave up and thought ‘sod this, I’m just going to blog it instead’.

Sometimes in life, you just can’t lose the old fancy bit off the side.

a spoonerism of flour



Here at OHQ, we are lucky to have the best bakery in town at the end of our street. Run by the lovely Stephan and Debs, their delicious products have helped to cheer our clients and swell our waistlines over the past few months.

However, it’s a pity that they are such good bakers from a blogging perspective. If they were just a bit rubbish then we could advise them to rebrand thus: