Beer x Lauren Law


Beertimes is a rolling program of cultural collaborations curated by O Street. For our latest get-together, we welcomed set designer & visual artist Lauren Law to take over the studio. After a ridiculous photoshoot involving hotdogs (which sadly went to waste as we’re needing to squeeze into our jeans), we turned things over to Lauren.

ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw9She didn’t disappoint, setting up a body of work around the theme playing with food. Lauren delighted with bowling pineapples, hula hotdogs and more.

ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw1 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw2 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw3 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw4 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw5 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw6 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw7 ostreet-beerx-laurenlaw8With the last raspberry hefeweizen from Dead End Brew Machine downed, Lauren jumped in the pool and we all swam to the pub. Until the next Beertimes…