We Got a Lyn


O Street is very, very pleased to officially announce the addition of Lyn Cunningham to our team. Lyn is an experienced designer who brings an expansive breadth of material and digital knowledge, as well as a sharp eye and clean graphic sensibility.

At O Street, Lyn will be designing, managing projects, and putting out fires. Her beautiful work at Suisse and her own company, Matinée, speaks for itself:

Lyn adores dogs and has the coolest car you’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to see what we create alongside her.

NTS all engines go



credit: Hoskins Architects

O Street was invited down to the new digs of one of our favourite collaborators, National Theatre of Scotland . We loved the company (although stiff gin pours and BrewDog beers didn’t hurt). The building, designed by Hoskins Architects, embodies the NTS brand of being a ‘Theatre Without Walls’. It was a thrill to see this new engine of Scottish theatre at work.


credit: Hoskins Architects


We started in the bar, er, playroom, for some banter, and quickly moved on to explore the building.

The new NTS rehearsal room is one of the biggest in Scotland, and inspires cartwheels and bellowing vocals upon entry.


credit: Hoskins Architects


It was all eyes on the stunning costume department, which no longer operates from a small room and a parking lot.

IMG_8667 IMG_8672

It was particularly exciting to get the low-down on how technicians set the mood and ‘paint’ with light.


The props department was much more exciting than this, but leave it to a graphic designer to only take a photo of old oven dials.


O Street was reunited with a leftover from our NTS collaboration Granite—always nice to see an old friend.

All told, NTS Rockvilla is a stunning display of creativity and production. Get down and see for yourself.

ms erica, do you have a soul?


Where is Ms Ericas soul

Q: ‘Erica-san ni wa kokoro wa arun desu ka?’

A: ‘Ee?’


Q: ‘Ms Erica, do you have a soul?’

A: ‘What?’

Cryptic, yes, but Erica is a humanoid robot who looks and sounds a like a real person. ‘She’ has been created at Tokyo’s Miraikan—the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation—where she’s currently meeting the world’s press. However, it transpires from the ensuing questioning that Erica’s programmers haven’t yet included what it means to be human, which is probably just as well. Give them time, though, and maybe when they’ve cracked it a soul won’t be necessary…



infographic bomb


There is a very interesting piece in the papers this morning about the alleged exaggeration by Benjamin Netanyahu of Iran’s nuclear capability in 2012. I’ll leave the politics to the more informed commentators, but would like to comment on the lesson to be learned by us graphic designers.

Many journalists are now ridiculing the use of a comedy bomb to illustrate his point but how many took this stance when he first used it? The impact of using such a powerful visual trick to strike fear into millions of people cannot be underestimated.

‘Infographics’, ‘visual information’, ‘content management’… whatever you want to call it, has the ability to turn complex, boring and in this case ‘false’ information into bone fide ‘talked-about’ fact. Making information engaging on a visual, almost subliminal, manner allows it to enter our consciousness effortlessly.

I’m not condoning using this to enable us to lie to people—but the next time one of your clients wants to communicate a complicated or hard-to-believe fact to its audience, why not try an infographic?

power of design


If ever there was an example of the power of design I think it is the story in todays papers about the success of the ‘generic packaging’  initiatives for cigarettes in Australia. Although, opposed by many when first suggested, the initiative now not only has a growing support, but it has also helped reduce the uptake of smoking by young people, with no increase in illicit sales of cigarettes (the argument used by many to prevent state control of things like tobacco, alcohol and drugs).

There are many political and health lessons to be learned from this story, we’ll leave that for the proper news, but what about the lessons it tells about design?

Taking away the ability for the brands to shape the design of their packs has impacted on their overall sales, most notable in uptake by new consumers. It has also prevented the products to differentiate from one another, the ‘unique brand personality’ can now only be experienced in the consumption (no longer the way it looks). They’ve been hobbled!

It is important that as designers we realise the power we wield. The ability for good design to make people want to try, taste, drink or consume a product for the first time.

studio manager wanted *updated


We are currently on the look out for a highly organised person with an appreciation for good design and a desire to work within a creative environment. A doer, we want someone that can help us make ideas happen.

Your main role will be as a studio manager, helping organise, plan and cover general administration duties in our Glasgow studio. However, as a creative led studio, with a range of self initiated projects, a flair for creative, (be that photography, illustration or a good turn of phrase) would be a bonus. We hope to find a candidate who can muck in on the creative side of things, when required, and help bring our products to market.

Salary: Between £18–£22k pa

Experience: Good people skills and proven track record of getting things done (even self initiated projects) is more important than design studio experience. (graduates welcome)

Application emails to david@ostreet.co.uk with something to help convince us that you’re the one.

*this post has now been filled. we were absolutely floored by the amazing response – thanks to all who expressed interest; we regret that we only had room for one of you!