Trump Scrabble


All you need to protest Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump. It goes for his character as well as his name. Download the kit here.

trumpun O Street against Trump

So we drew DONALD TRUMP! in a typeface inspired by old-school civil rights signs and uploaded it here for you to download. If your Sharpies have gone dry just keep these files on hand and print, cut, protest.

O Street against Trumptrumpun2O Street against Trump O Street against Trump O Street against Trump

We’ll also make requests of any digital posters, so hit us up with your best Trump scrabble job and we’ll send it to you!

Disclaimer: this post was written by a natural-born American citizen. Please post any complaints here.

Dispatches from Pokemon Go: Graphic Design Edition


As O Street is just a bunch of Lost Boys that never grew up, we’re swept up by Pokemon fever. Looking forward to future expansions of the augmented-reality game, we bring you dispatches from Pokemon Go: Graphic Design Edition.


– Less Pokemon is more Pokemon

– It will take serious Stardust to power-up this ad featuring stock photos

– Are you Team Serif, Team Sans, or Team Slab?

– Cool typefaces—gotta catch ‘em all! (Don’t begin with “______ free download”)

– You spotted a wild Sagmeister—in the buff as usual

– Helvetica has evolved to Circular in trendy logo designs

– Faceoff at the Pokegym: Hoefler vs Frere-Jones

– You don’t have adequate CP to handle that grid

– Dieter Rams: As Little Pokemon as Possible

– Good Pokemon is good business

graphic designer profile


This is a classic, YouGov have just published this profiler for brands, professions and places in the UK here. As well as wasting lots of time finding out things like the political leanings of the average Aphex Twin fans (thanks Stuart), its going to be an invaluable research tool. Although this profile of a Graphic Designer looks nothing like anyone at O Street (mmm, maybe Neil M in a dress?)

every fisherman’s dream?


Don’t even ask what I was doing when I had this strange dish served up to me. Beautiful women with monster carp – every fisherman’s dream. Well, it’s now this fisherman’s nightmare. I laughed at first thinking it was a piss-take when actually, it’s a big mistake. Just wrong in so many ways. Like father Ted, the sight of that will stay with me for as along as I live!