gsa letterpress studio


OK we admit, not all of you will quite be able to grasp our love of all things typographic. And especially the old stuff. Don’t get us wrong, we like our contemporary type and living in the age where just about anything you can imagine can be visualised within a matter of days, or even minutes. But there’s something so lovely about the craft and art of old processes and a recent visit to the print studio at GSA to commission our first ‘o quarterly’ artwork got us all a bit excited.

Maybe it’s the fact that these days everything tends to look a bit ‘perfect’. For some reason it’s the little mistakes and irregularites that seem to give work made in this way a certain charm that digital work rarely has. It’s more human. And the appetite for it seems to be growing as everything becomes less and less home-made and more and more uniform. Funny thing is that people who actually had to work in this way spent most of their time trying to iron out the mistakes. and now we spend our time replicating them.

Sadly these iPhone snaps will be among the last shots of this treasure trove as the print unit is relocated to more modern facilities but hopefully most of the stuff here will be kept available to students for years to come.