I have been a fan of inventor/sculptor/illustrator/artist Nik Ramage for a long time. Way back  in my first ever job we used his Heath Robinson  style drawings to explain the complex services of a legal firm we were working for (it was the only way I could understand it).

Last night I was at a private view of his new exhibition at the Paul Smith store in Mayfair.


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Some of his classic works are on display, including the  ‘Unplugger’ and ‘Jelly wobbler’, but  there are also some new wonderful pieces like this ‘Scouring circle’ that had me entranced for far too long in well mannered company.


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Or this cup spinner that was even more beautiful for the fact that it was made from old dirty motor and a disposable plastic cup.

#haphazards #paulsmith

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Breathing such life into the rustiest of motors and the most disposable of objects, left me with a feeling of hope and fun. Perfect way to end a Wednesday night.

The exhibition is running until the 29th April 2016.