Happy Hour Hike


Need a different way to be social? Meet Happy Hour Hike.

What do you do, that you could do outside instead? That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves more and more since the pandemic, when there were times we’d put folding chairs in the back garden for a pint because the pub was shut. Exercise, reading, Zoom calls, playing with your little ones—the possibilities for things you could move outdoors are endless.

One place asking that question led us to was happy hour, that magic couple of hours in the afternoon that excuse a glass of something tasty and chat with good company. So, we paired up with our friends It’s Good Outside to facilitate a little gathering and urban hike in Denver Colorado.

With the Denver weather doing its thing (it’s always sunny, sorry UK readers), we enjoyed a couple hours combining some of our favorite things: beer, sun, movement, and good chat with people we otherwise wouldn’t have met. No agenda, no pitch, no name tags. Just beer and sun.

We also selected a couple attendees at random and treated them to some It’s Good Outside gear, so they could wear their outdoors apparel next time they hit the trail.

It’s a well known fact that being outdoors makes you feel happier, and even better if you are with friends. Getting outdoors is also a boon for your creativity; the list of legendary artists and writers who prioritized walks is long. Even though we poke fun at him for how much sunblock he applies, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the tech savants who popularized outdoor walking meetings. When you’re moving—and especially when you’re getting fresh air—the ideas flow. Tell your boss.

So you may consider a happy hour hike of your own, whether it’s with a close friend or a gaggle of strangers. If you’re planning it in Glasgow or Denver, be sure to give us a shout so we can join. We might BYO a seltzer, though. Although our love for beer is well known, anti-hangover is in these days.