i love google


When I studied at the Glasgow School of Art there was 30 of us sharing the one Mac and we shunned technology for the smell of the caseroom or the scratch of a pencil. I say this to highlight how unlikely it is that I would ever make the following statement:

“I love Google.”

Don’t tell my wife, she won’t even let me read the Kindle in bed, but I do love Google. From the practicality of Google Hangouts and the slickness of their apps on the iPhone, to the GMail plug-ins in Chrome you never knew you needed (if you haven’t dabbled yet, have a look at Rapporative!).

But what I love most is the gentle, almost human nudge I get daily when I rush out an email and forget to attach.

‘Now David son, you’ve forgotten to attach that file again haven’t you, do it now and you’ll do much better next time.’

‘Aw shucks, thanks again Google!’