infographic bomb


There is a very interesting piece in the papers this morning about the alleged exaggeration by Benjamin Netanyahu of Iran’s nuclear capability in 2012. I’ll leave the politics to the more informed commentators, but would like to comment on the lesson to be learned by us graphic designers.

Many journalists are now ridiculing the use of a comedy bomb to illustrate his point but how many took this stance when he first used it? The impact of using such a powerful visual trick to strike fear into millions of people cannot be underestimated.

‘Infographics’, ‘visual information’, ‘content management’… whatever you want to call it, has the ability to turn complex, boring and in this case ‘false’ information into bone fide ‘talked-about’ fact. Making information engaging on a visual, almost subliminal, manner allows it to enter our consciousness effortlessly.

I’m not condoning using this to enable us to lie to people—but the next time one of your clients wants to communicate a complicated or hard-to-believe fact to its audience, why not try an infographic?