Looking Forward To a Brand New Year


O Street Inksters Chrsitmas mailer (Party hat)

We have begun to roll out a new identity for Scotland-based Law firm Inksters to reflect their place in the legal market as forward thinking lawyers. But more on that later. To celebrate the launch we designed this unique mailer to get people talking and help Inksters stand out in the Christmas mail and we’ve been amazed at the response.

Recipients were invited to join the celebrations and submit their hat photos and the firms’ founder Brian Inkster has created a blog to showcase the results which feature everything from a turkey to a highland cow. You can see the photos and some of the twitter discussion at www.inksterschristmashats.com

And here are some of our favourites from the submissions so far, starting with ‘mister’ the cat…

Many thanks to DCI who did an excellent job of a tricky print brief, and of course to Brian and everyone at Inksters for running with a fairly mad-hat concept