Dispatches from Pokemon Go: Graphic Design Edition


As O Street is just a bunch of Lost Boys that never grew up, we’re swept up by Pokemon fever. Looking forward to future expansions of the augmented-reality game, we bring you dispatches from Pokemon Go: Graphic Design Edition.


– Less Pokemon is more Pokemon

– It will take serious Stardust to power-up this ad featuring stock photos

– Are you Team Serif, Team Sans, or Team Slab?

– Cool typefaces—gotta catch ‘em all! (Don’t begin with “______ free download”)

– You spotted a wild Sagmeister—in the buff as usual

– Helvetica has evolved to Circular in trendy logo designs

– Faceoff at the Pokegym: Hoefler vs Frere-Jones

– You don’t have adequate CP to handle that grid

– Dieter Rams: As Little Pokemon as Possible

– Good Pokemon is good business