Cultural collaborations brewed by O Street

To scratch creative itches and quench our thirst for Friday night brews, O Street created beertimes, an event series where creatives doing exciting things take over our studio.


It’s a simple format: beer x ________.

ostreet-beerx-elrancho2-3 beerx_rancho2

Beertimes can be anything—an exhibition; a gig; a performance;  a life drawing social.



O Street beertimes

We bring the beer; they bring whatever it is they do.

ostreet-beerx-freer-1 beerx_whp4 ostreet-beerx-recoat2

As a design studio, it’s an opportunity to get our hands dirty and do some amazing things with branding, promotion and packaging. Most of our beers have been one-off-home-brews from Chris Lewis of Dead End Brew Machine. When we design the packaging, it reflects whoever is taking over the studio—like when we took to spray paints for the street-art outfit Recoat.

We designed a responsive website to serve as a catalogue of the events. It’s easy to engage with, curious and colourful—a little bit like the folk we collaborate with.


ostreet-beerx-atyn-92 ostreet-beerx-freer-3 ostreet-beerx-recoat-3

There have been a number of  amazing beertimes now—and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Want in?  Head to beertimes and join the guest list.