Going further.

World leading digital design agency Beyond were looking to celebrate their core principles with a beautiful piece of print and a website refresh to go alongside it.

Where do we come in? Beyond came to O Street to design the Handbook and create motion content supporting the brand re-positioning.

At the core of the Handbook were Beyond’s 10 Principles addressing their values, commitments and goals as a company. These were accompanied by case studies for their best projects, including work for Google and Montblanc, to show how they put their principles into practice.

We started the Handbook off with some in-depth interviews with the project leaders for each case studies. These gave us insight into the challenges and results of each project, and  how we could best reflect them succinctly  in their spreads. This insight was crucial in navigating Beyond’s beautiful and complex work.

To contrast the  depth of Beyond’s case studies, we took a minimal approach to the typography and layout, stripping back unnecessary ornamentation.

We undertook  a thorough  development process for each element of the book’s design, collaborating  with the Beyond Team. Whether it was deliberating between two  shades of black, working out  the logistics of yellow sprayed edges, or getting the font size just right, we  wanted every precise detail of the Handbook to be perfect.

The final Handbook is a beautifully crafted, refined book, a bold statement about where Beyond is as a company, and where they’re planning to go. 

As part of this re-positioning, Beyond also totally overhauled their website. They drew on our motion graphics expertise to create a range of snappy and engaging social media animations, which brought their new site to life. 

With Senior Marketing specialists we adapted the Beyond brand into motion, refining scripts and crafting expressive typography. The resolved animations are bold and energetic, creating fluid motion and strong statements from Beyond’s intricate web design. This, alongside the Handbook, made for a sharp and snappy brand overhaul.