Big Pulse Dance Alliance

Band together

A partnership of 12 dance festivals across the European Union came to O Street to help unite under one brand.

The alliance is brought together by their shared aim of developing and strengthening the contemporary dance sector.

Image courtesy of Vojtech Brtnicky, Tanec Parah Festival

Dynamic Big Pulse logo

The brand needed to clearly showcase their emphasis on contemporary dance and their creative, diverse and inclusive attitude to the art sector. An extra challenge was to create a flexible identity to work across each country’s audiences and contexts.

Big Pulse simplified logo, a B and a P connected by the Big Pulse signature line of movementHand-drawn mindmap

Our first step was simplifying the public-facing brand name to Big Pulse. After a robust round of creative, the team settled on a logo design which combines the B and P in a dynamic  wave of movement.

Dynamic Big Pulse signature line in various coloursBig Pulse signature line in various colours

With the launch video as one of the top priority brand touch-points, we considered motion as key part of the identity from the very initial development stages.

Big Pulse logo and signature line on merchandise and stationaryBig Pulse logo on the front of a T shirt with signature line on reverse

The pulse then carries the brand by working across different applications, with a variety of styles.

Dancer posed around neon line

Image courtesy of RJ Muna, Dublin Dance Festival

Still Big Pulse logo on redSimplified BP logo on various colours

The brand acts to clearly showcase their emphasis on contemporary dance and their creative  contribution to the art sector. The wave and diverse colour palette make for a flexible and relatable identity that is easily integrated across each country’s audiences.

Dancer holding gold foil with Big Pulse signature line imposted over

Image courtesy of Luca Truffarelli, Dublin Dance Festival

Big Pulse logo and signature line used on their website Big Pulse logo and signature lines in various colours

Alongside the core brand assets and video we designed the launch website and delivered a style guide document that enables consistent ongoing application of the brand.

Details of colour and typeface used for Big Pulse rebrand

“The branding created by O Street has brought Big Pulse to life and has given us the tools, not only to promote our network, but to spotlight artists, engage audiences and grow contemporary dance across Europe.” – Ruth Riordan, Big Pulse Dance Alliance