Karla Black + Kishio Suga: A New Order

Two artists, one type

O Street designed the National Gallery of Modern Art’s most talked about exhibition identity system ever.

“Although Karla Black (b.1972) and Kishio Suga (b.1944) work on opposite sides of the world and were unaware of each other’s art until their new exhibition at Modern One was conceived, they are united by their use of everyday materials to create sculptural works of sublime beauty, complexity and originality, which they make in response to specific spaces. Karla Black and Kishio Suga: A New Order is Suga’s first major showing in the UK.” – National Gallery of Modern Art

For the exhibition’s visual identity, O Street created a deceptively simple typographic system.

O Street for NGS — Karla Black + Kishio Suga

A play on the two artists’ similarities in using materials  to create powerful sculptures, we intertwined their names within a type marque.


A break from the usual information vinyls, signage was printed on semi-transparent paper. It was then suspended just over the wall, reflecting an aura of material, space and light seen in Black and Suga’s work. We also used this paper for the private view invites.

O Street for NGS — Karla Black + Kishio Suga O Street for NGS — Karla Black + Kishio Suga

The work in the show is at once ephemeral and brutal. O Street also designed posters in the research and materials room to further explore the work of the artists, supplemented by artists’ books.

Our main focus was to create something that could supplement—but not compete with—the message of the artists.

O Street for NGS — Karla Black + Kishio Suga O Street for NGS — Karla Black + Kishio Suga

The stark, minimalist promotions offered respite to sore eyes all  around Edinburgh.