Brewdog Bar Menus

Rebellious reading for 58 bars

Brewdog asked O Street to design practical—but true to spirit—menus for their beer houses and pubs.

ostreet-brewdog-menu-10 ostreet-brewdog-menu-6

While best known for their hops and attitude, the fastest growing food & drinks company in the UK can fire up a mean burger. They needed a menu system to put to use in over fifty bars.


After a dry run in our studio, O Street  gathered the Brewdog crew and set them wild with boards and spray paint. With a bit of direction the team sprayed a mass amount of boards inspired by old-school graffiti. We selected bright colours matching brand palettes, and encouraged geometric minimalism to give the end result a strong graphic sensibility.

O street for Brewdog

The headline typeface on the menus references Brewdog’s letter-pressed identity. Supporting type is a mono-spaced typewriter font for a no-fuss feel, and features nicely styled  special characters and symbols.

ostreet-brewdog-menu-1 ostreet-brewdog-menu-2ostreet-brewdog-menu-3ostreet-brewdog-menu-4  ostreet-brewdog-menu-5

The menu system is functional and practical for a growing enterprise like Brewdog. The full menu is supplied straight from our printing partners, and  the Daily Drafts are finished in-house at each bar.

ost-brewdog-menu-c4 ostreet-brewdog-menu-9

Throughout the creative process our studio tried out booklets, newspaper formats, and even an idea that made record sleeves of menus to coincide with limited edition punk releases.  In the end it was the tagged-up boards that both did the job and had the right look and feel.

ostreet-brewdog-menu-7 ostreet-brewdog-menu-8

The print finishes are up to snuff in regards to Brewdog’s commitment to quality. We specified Fedrigoni and Paperback papers, industrial materials that are up for a beating and  letter-pressed graphic elements from Brewdog’s identity.


The end result? A good bite to go along with that notorious bark.