A new state of pay

A disruptive fintech providing secure business grade payment tools for the mass market. Bridge is both a peer–to–peer payments environment and a banking interface that will mean easier, cheaper bank transactions for everyone.


O Street – Bridgeostreet-bridge

Bridge came to O Street for an identity that will define this groundbreaking product.  Our approach was simple, robust, different. This is no ordinary startup.

O Street – Bridge O Street – Bridge

We added a distinctive colour palate to distinguish Bridge from the competition and options for scale and position.

ostreet-bridge-iphoneO Street – Bridge

The app is where it will all comes together, including a suite of bespoke icons.

O Street – Bridge O Street – Bridge O Street – Bridge

Working closely with the in-house team to shape brand values and language, we are currently helping to design the mobile app interface whilst producing a suite of supporting materials prior to launch.

O Street – Bridge