Dewar’s Folk Shirt

Style with spirit

O Street was asked to find a modern Scottish craftsman and work with them to develop merchandise that embodied the spirit (ahem) of Dewar’s whisky. The result was the Folk bartender’s shirt.

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We wanted to illustrate that the values of Scottish inventiveness and craftsmanship go  way beyond the biscuit tin tartan. We teamed up with Folk Clothing, a highly respected fashion house founded by ex-pat Scot Cathal McAteer, based in London and sold throughout the world.

ostreet-dewars-folk5 ostreet-dewars-folk2-3 ostreet-dewars-folk7

O Street collaborated with Folk to develop workwear for bartenders. After speaking  to a number of leading bartenders, in Edinburgh, London and New York, we   designed a purpose-built bartender shirt that could cope with the unique requirements of their profession.

ostreet-dewars-folk4-2 ostreet-dewars-folk8 ostreet-dewars-folk6

The result? A proper shirt for proper bartenders—which holds up to sweat and stains while still looking sharp—and a unique campaign that reflects the  values at the heart of  the   Dewar’s brand.