Kick, flip, stall, repeat

Indi Cowie is a Nike-represented freestyle footballer who kicks, juggles, flips and sole-stalls her way around the world showing off her skills. She came to O Street for a personal brand and visual identity.

Inspired by Indi’s ridiculous moves, we built a logo system from the geometric shapes on a football, and ended up with a marque that flips almost as well as she does.

indi-new1ostreet-indi-01-logo  ostreet-indi--06  ostreet-indi--04  

We produced a video of Indi tearing up the West End of Glasgow during one of her brief visits this side of the Atlantic.

ostreet-indi-poster ostreet-indi-poster2 ostreet-indi-logo       

Indi   was recently signed up by sportswear giants Nike to join their team of star athletes, and has performed at Champion’s League finals and on US network television. See more of her tricks on her amazing Instagram feed.