Bold and flexible

Kaari is a new wellness management tool that combines strength, mobility, and recovery. We were tasked with creating a visual identity to communicate these core values.

Kaari new logo wordmark by O Street - White text on pale blue with kinetic lines in orange and purple.Kaari Brand Identity by O Street - Jenni Tarma stretch pose with movement lines

Fitness expert Jenni Tarma created Kaari to share  her unique understanding of recovery and functional fitness.  Our challenge was to create a visual identity that balances nimbly between the mindful nature of Kaari and its focus on physical fitness.

Kaari Visual Identity Imagery Jenni Tarma in stretch pose with kinetic linework. By O Street, ScotlandKaari Branding Image - Person in yoga pose with kinetic line overlay.

After a workshop to dig into the ethos behind Kaari, we started working on creative  concepts based around helping individuals reach their movement goals, whatever their starting point.

Kaari Lettermark by O Street - White text on yellow backgroundKaari wordmark on branding colour palette - Visual Identity and Logo design

We brought this idea of progress and movement to life by creating two points within the logo, representing the journey of fitness and recovery (with a the added bonus of a stretching figure in the ‘k’). Then we developed a range of energetic assets to flow alongside.

Kaari new brand imagery. Kaari Visual identity - Active Recovery by Jenni Branded Kaari yoga blocks - merchandise design by O Street Kaari branded poster. Visual Identity by O Street

Combined with the bold logotype, the kinetic linework plays with strength and flexibility. These expressions of movement can be used across the brand with or without imagery.

Kaari branded T-shirt design by O Street, GlasgowKaari Social media branding

Get moving with Kaari here.