Image Strategy

Turning up the volume

“O Street made it effortless for us to streamline our content in-house, whilst giving us a distinct visual style that we absolutely love. Plus it looks epic!” — Matt at work with a huge range of content across a variety of online global platforms and needed a concise image strategy. Using sound waves and data visualisation as a reference, we created a graphic line raster effect that captures the essence of the brand.

pp-lastfm5     pp-lastfm15

This enabled us to create a unique aesthetic that really brings the images into the digital data sphere.

pp-lastfm7 pp-lastfm8

We  then turned up their existing brand colours  and added a few brights; creating a vibrant RGB palette that really stands out online. Alongside this we introduced a grid system  to let their lovely custom brand typeface take centre stage.


By mixing in a handful of bold geometric shapes and a neat tab system for categorising images, the result is a comprehensive image strategy.  This all comes together in a platform-specific  template system, that allows  to keep the tone low…or pump the volume right up to 11.

pp-lastfm12 pp-lastfm13 pp-lastfm14 pp-lastfm10 pp-lastfm18


The digital distortion style also lends itself to a set of abstract combinations,  for non-image based posts and updates.


The result is a huge spread of imagery with endless combinations and versions that can be rolled out across the multiple platforms. And a client that can be constantly creative with their  content.