Lovell Johns

A map to manage multiple brands

Lovell Johns came to O Street for a refreshed brand that could be applied to their increasingly diverse range of services, building on their reputation as a lead mapping company.

Organic growth over the last decade had developed a range of diverse consumer and business services. Communicating this with a single, dated logo had become problematic. O Street’s first task was to understand their audience, rationalise the services into distinct areas and develop a brand framework that would work across them all.


We established Lovell Johns as the primary brand, reinforcing its proven credentials as a world leader in cartographic services. For services under this primary brand we created a visual language that linked to the core umbrella brand whilst allowing them to appeal to their unique audiences.

Each company has a unique logo with the same origin; a circular symbol drawn from cartographic tools.

O Street helped define a brand that made sense to the staff and their audiences. A comprehensive guideline document gave them the tools to establish this new structure with a consistent and well crafted brand.

The three companies under the Lovell Johns umbrella each have a unique colour palette, with certain shared swatches for overall brand recognition.

To assist customers in navigating Lovell Johns’ wide breadth of services, the brands share  a  clear and communicative typographic system.

Each company also has a unique feature in its approach to imagery.  Just like the rest of the project, we executed this in a way that it still feels like a unified brand.

With such a broad scope of services, the guidelines had to cover a range of applications: from postage packaging to twitter buttons; websites to wallpaper.

We then created a set of brand guidelines to help the company establish the new brand framework across a range of items.