Luxembourg for Finance

A better brand system

In an increasingly digital world, many brands need to have a scalable approach to their identity. Luxembourg for Finance came to O Street to help them evolve their existing logo and craft a more flexible brand system. A system that works better on small screens and digital applications.

Luxembourg For Finance scalable logo brand identity

We’ve worked with Luxembourg for Finance before to help their quarterly magazine pack a punch.  They came to us for some visual expertise on how to handle their brand.  The first stage was to craft how the main logo works at different scales. 

We reduced the core logo to the distinctive lion’s head as a social media avatar. After that, we created a step in between the two — a logo with a stacked tagline to use on smaller scale applications. The result is a fully scalable and flexible identity. 

Luxembourg for Finance is a growing company with an ever increasing list of applications. They needed a clear brand system for how these new logo lockups should be used. So, we designed a system for applying them across a wide variety of formats.   From PowerPoint templates to stand alone projects like our Move to Lux campaign.

Lockups on Report Covers

We introduced a flexible diagonal  device that could be used to  bring pace to simple layouts. Once all the assets were complete, we developed a comprehensive set of brand identity guidelines, covering everything from the new logo formats, to brand typography and colour palettes.

Luxembourg for Finance Guidelines Luxembourg for Finance Brand Typography

The result is a pretty robust brand system. One that has just enough structure for a consistent approach, but above all, has enough flex  to cover all bases.