National Theatre Scotland: Granite

The glint and the grit

The glint and the grit. National Theatre Scotland came to O Street to help them tell the many stories of Aberdeen in the ambitious production Granite.


We  had the challenge of  designing a visual identity and promotional material  for not one but a series of productions leading—over nine months—to the final performance, held at the magnificent Marischal College at the heart of Aberdeen. The overall campaign  had to be eye-catching, engaging and distinct. Above all, we had to make sure it would shine.

O Street Granite for National Theatre Scotland

Our solution was to create a hand-crafted   marque that referenced the bright reflective flecks found in granite. We paired this  with a subtle colour palette inspired by the Aurora Borealis. The logotype, although meticulously created by punching holes in paper, was easily adapted across  print, screen and animation.

O Street – NTS Granite O Street Granite for National Theatre Scotland

The printed material visually  represented the build-up over the span of the project,  gradually layering more  granite glints with each new  poster or postcard released.

O Street – NTS Graniteostreet-NTS-granite-bannerO Street Granite for National Theatre Scotlandostreet-NTS-granite-12

We developed visuals for  the   Granite website  and created a multi-platform campaign online and around the city. Enabling the various satellite events to have their own identity whilst still  being clearly connected to the Granite project.

ostreet-NTS-granite-3O Street Granite for National Theatre Scotland

The productions crescendoed into an epic outdoor performance at Marischal College—an exhilarating culmination of months of community engagement and storytelling in an amazing setting.

O Street Granite for National Theatre ScotlandO Street Granite for National Theatre ScotlandO Street Granite for National Theatre Scotlandostreet-NTS-Granite-logo

Granite was a sweeping, epic event with a sold-out finale—leaving behind its very own legacy in the form of three new community arts groups with their own logo marques to boot.

What did National Theatre Scotland have to say about our work for Granite? ‘Nailed it.’