Stewart Brewing

Repackaging an old reliable

Established craft beer artisans Stewart Brewing came to O Street for a rebrand with punch and colour. We gave them just that.

Stewart was looking to create a unique visual style that would be instantly recognisable on the shelves while staying true to their Scottish roots.

The main challenge we faced was crafting a stand out brand for a well loved and strongly established brewery. We needed to introduce Stewart to a new market of customers without alienating their current craft lovers.

After sitting down with the Stewart team to find out what mattered to them, we began crafting a new visual approach. The Stewart brand is proudly Scottish, and we created a series of deconstructed tartan weaves to use as patterns across the packaging.

A clean, mono line logo and icons offer a contrast to the vibrant graphic patterns.

From delivery trucks to the boxes they arrive in, we helped Stewart deliver their beer with a vibrant look to customers old and new.

O Street delivered a fresh look for us that really stands out on the shelves, but still feels true to who we are as a company. We love the branding and it all came together so well!”
– Jo Stewart, Co-Owner of Stewart Brewing

All product photography by Peter Dibdin