Stewart’s Kitchen

Wholly Handmade

On the Scottish Isles, you take the time to do things right. That’s what Hebridean Food Group asked us to do with their new brand, Stewart’s Kitchen.

With a family heritage of crofting and fishing, Douglas Stewart grew up on the Hebrides with a strong passion for the connection between the land, the sea and the food we consume. We workshopped a new name that put this family history at the heart of the brand. Next came a charming, hand-drawn logo.

High quality food comes from high quality processes. With traceable ingredients and knowing their suppliers and producers by name, provenance is a key aspect of the Stewart’s Kitchen range. We put the ingredients front and centre on the packaging, with a beautiful set of charcoal and ink illustrations. 

Our design brings the handmade home, letting the consumer know that Stewart’s Kitchen makes food by hand, with heart.