The New Promotion

Presenting waves of information

Long term O Street client and friend Keith Jopling asked us to help with an event—The New Promotion—he and Eric Karsenty were running at the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).


The focus of the event was addressing how to harness the power of influencers and curators in growing an audience for artists and songs. The New Promotion: How to win fans and influence people.

Strategists at even the most innovative organisations come up against the same problem: getting stakeholders to pay attention to data and proposals. So, we didn’t just put together a presentation… we built a brand—creating a logo, unique imagery and visual style-guide—which couldn’t be ignored.

As in previous work we’ve done for Keith (in his roles at Spotify and Sony Music) we had to take the complex music data and insight he gathers and present it in a manner which allows people to quickly and easily understand emerging opportunities in the industry.

By presenting their data in a unique, branded way, the New Promotions team made a serious splash (forgive us, pun intended).

Part of going above and beyond a simple presentation and building an event brand was sourcing unique imagery. Here we brought in the incredibly talented Peter Dibdin to create something really special.

…and he came through. Our brief for Pete was to create photography that both conveyed music and the act of influencing others. He developed a series of ripple images created purely from music, by sending sound waves through water (see this in action in the video above). Sadly, two of his speakers blew out during the shoot. Sorry about that, Pete.