Tiree Whisky Co

Spirited newcomers

O Street developed the look for Tiree Whisky Co and their limited edition first release.

The Tiree Whisky Company is a new spirits maker embracing an old tradition. The Isle of Tiree used to be home to many small distilleries, but no longer. TWC is dedicated to bringing whisky making back and asked O Street to develop a brand marque for the business and packaging for their first releases.

O Street for Tiree Whisky Co

The Cairnsmuir, TWC’s first whisky, gets its namesake from a cargo ship which ran ashore in 1885 and spilled 100 tons of spirits and beer, much of which washed up on the beaches of Tiree, much to the delight of local folk. Our design pays homage to this lovely story, with a unique hand-drawn marque embodying the spirit of classic shipping livery.


A series of beautiful ‘driftwood’ boxes were crafted for the release, giving the lucky whisky lover the sense that the bottle has just washed ashore.

O Street for Tiree Whisky Co

The packaging for this premium whisky features an historic map of the island’s coast where the shipwreck took place. Every bit of imagery and typography is hand-drawn whilst the caps are handmade from local Tiree marble.

O Street for Tiree Whisky Co

Although the limited-release Cairnsmuir quickly sold out, don’t despair if you didn’t get your hands on any. O Street is currently working with TWC to develop packaging for their next bottling.