Building a system for what’s on

Tramway, Scotland’s internationally acclaimed venue for contemporary, visual and performing arts approached O Street to re-design their season brochure.


Rather than design it as a one-off, we suggested an approach and image strategy to give the identity new life and move in a direction that would start to unite all their communications.  So, we dug in and explored the triangle aspect of the venue’s existing logo.

ostreet-tramway-tri-gifostreet-tramway-6 ostreet-tramway-5 ostreet-tramway-4 ostreet-tramway-8ostreet-tramway-9ostreet-tramway-3 ostreet-tramway-2 ostreet-tramway-1ostreet-tramway-next14

The geometric design element of the triangle isn’t just a graphic tip of the cap—we used it to build the grid for the entire system.

The results? Reduced production costs, an approach they can manage in-house  and a flexible system   that can  be used to promote their diverse programme—from contemporary art events to family fun.