Vintage Vibes

Good company never gets old

Vintage Vibes is a non-profit organisation tackling isolation and loneliness among over-60s. O Street was asked to design a fresh brand that would enable Vintage Vibes to inspire, engage and educate.

To snag the attention of both healthcare workers and folk in the public, Vintage Vibes had to stand out in a crowded field. It was essential the brand feel bright, friendly, and unpretentious.

ostreet-vintagevibes-charity-2 ostreet-vintagevibes-logo2 ostreet-vintagevibes-logo2

After ample research we decided that a hand-on feel was crucial to the brand’s authenticity, so we downed tech and reached for pencils & paper.  A custom typeface is applied in an adaptable logo, dressed up with illustrations bringing to life what Vintage Vibes is all about: a handshake; a round of golf; a comforting cuppa.


In addition to a unique hand-drawn brand typeface, O Street designed a simple, bright and engaging website.


In the short time since launching the new brand, Vintage Vibes has experienced an overwhelming   response of goodwill, sign-ups and engagement.


Know somebody  lonely or isolated? We know people who can help .