Whisky Ambassador

Training tipples

Whisky Ambassador provide the UK’s only accredited whisky training programme for the licensed trade. They educate and certify expertise in whisky knowledge for staff and establishments dealing with one of Scotland’s largest exports.


O Street was tasked with creating  an identity and accompanying brand collateral  to help  establish Whisky Ambassador as an authoritative voice on whisky.

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A  smart yet modern roundel was the keystone to our solution — something Whisky Ambassador could use to establish itself as an un-stuffy authority on whisky. It’s applied across the brand in a range of applications with beautiful touches.  We capped the brand off with a responsive suite of web applications.

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Their training programme is now employed by luxury establishments across Asia, Canada,  Europe and the USA.

“We are honoured to be the first travel retail company in the world to receive The Whisky Ambassador’s Venue Accreditation and we’re confident that this certification will allow us to deliver an incredible customer experience that educates and inspires.” DFS Group, Changi