Trump Scrabble


All you need to protest Donald Trump is, well, Donald Trump. It goes for his character as well as his name. Download the kit here.

Donald Trump! Protest Font animated puns O Street protest against TrumpProcess images of creating the Donald Trump! Font Donald Trump! Protest font animation by O Street Design Agency

So we drew DONALD TRUMP! in a typeface inspired by old-school civil rights signs and uploaded it here for you to download. If your Sharpies have gone dry just keep these files on hand and print, cut, protest.

O Street making protest signs against TrumpSigns Gif using Donald Trump! FontO Street makes protest signs against Trump #Resist signage using the Donanld Trump! protest font O Street protest against TrumpO Street Window on Bank Street, Glasgow - Signs using Donald Trump! Font

We’ll also make requests of any digital posters, so hit us up with your best Trump scrabble job and we’ll send it to you!

Disclaimer: this post was written by a natural-born American citizen. Please post any complaints here.