whitehouse chicago & bruce bolander use o street tiles


Our pict-o-gram tiles have been featured in the stunning new Chicago offices of international editorial company The Whitehouse. The architectural and design work was the third of such projects for the company by the Los Angeles-based architect, Bruce Bolander

Previous projects included the Los Angeles and New York offices of The Whitehouse. The project hinged on the transformation of the space. The Whitehouse had occupied a set of offices in the historic Courthouse Place building since 1995. Courthouse Place was designed by architect Otto H. Matz and completed in 1893. It was initially known as the Cook County Criminal Court Building and was the site of many legendary trials during the 1920′s.

Even though they appreciated the character of the building and the space with its dark wood from a previous design and historical feeling – especially with their British background – the company was moving in a new and vibrant direction and they wanted their space to reflect their modern outlook.

We’re delighted to be even a very small part of such a lovely project and congratulations to both Bruce and The Whitehouse for what looks like an inspiring new space. Of course the tiles are available from our shop and if you do use them in a project, or just in your own house, be sure to drop us a line—we love seeing where they end up.